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Sedgwick Leather & Abbey England Fittings

Sedgwick vegetable tanned leather butts

The complete range of English Bridle Leather accessories and  products on this website are hand crafted using British Leather sourced from Sedgwick & Co, world renowned for being the best in saddlery production. 


Bridle leather takes time and consideration at every tanning point during manufacturing. One bridle butt can take 10 - 12 weeks to produce. 

A combination of hydration and re-hydration occurs to the leather during tanning and curriering (the finishing techniques including colouring after the leather is tanned). What makes Sedgwick's leather so unique is how it excels in this part of curriering.

The buckles and fittings are sourced from Abbey England, which is a family business and market leader in British products. Their brass foundry has been producing solid brass buckles since 1832 using greensand casting method. Buckles and fittings that Sarah uses are solid brass, some of these are nickel plated. 


Caring for your Sedgwick Leather product

Your leather goods are made to last a lifetime. Sedgwick's developed a special leather dressing which you can purchase with your order here today. It is made from natural ingredients including tallow, oils and beeswax.


To maintain the best appearance of your leather product it is good to use this dressing every 3 - 6 months. To apply simply use a clean dry cloth and oil both sides of the leather, allow to dry and then buff off with a different dry cloth. 

Ideally the best way to store your belt, handbag or dog lead is to hang it up by the buckle in a cool, dry space away from direct heat or sunlight.


Sarah's skills and craftmanship

Just some of the tools and techniques Sarah uses are shown in these images above. Each and every product is made by hand, paying attention to detail. All products are made using the traditional hand stitching method of a saddler's clam, an awl and two needles a stitch. This makes it far stronger and more secure than a machine.


 A selection of the tools used with order of work:

  1. Cutting - strap cutter

  2. Edging - edge shaver

  3. Edge staining & polishing - edge dye, canvas and bone to polish

  4. Creasing - screw creaser

  5. Marking out - stitch marker and crew punch 

  6. Shaving ends - skiving knife

  7. Stitching - two needles



Some Handmade By Sarah products have the option of personalisation. Please note these items are non returnable or exchangeable.

  • Initials hand stamped - a maximum of 3 letters can be stamped into the leather. On belts unless otherwise stated the initials will be near the buckle, not visible when worn. When you are viewing a product if there is not an option for this please contact us.

  • Brass plate with letters engraved - a maximum of 2 words can be engraved in black font onto a solid brass plate. It will be riveted onto the leather. These are only suitable for some belts (not dog collars or other accessories). The only belts they are suitable for are: Ripon Stirrup, York Stirrup, Wetherby West End, Thirsk West End, Malton Horseshoe, Middleham Horseshoe, Marshalsay Quick Release. 

  • Hand stitched colours - we have a Thirsk Colour Belt and Wetherby Colour Belt, these belts are made with blocks of three colours hand stitched using waxed cotton thread. If you would like a bespoke item making from the entire Handmade By Sarah collection please contact us to discuss.


brass plate.jpg
Hand stitched coloured belt
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