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A fabulous belt; stylish and comfortable to wear for all activities. English Bridle leather hand stitched onto strong elastic makes it the stretchy belt. It is very practical, great for those doing activities such as gardening, golf, hiking, horse riding etc etc.


Choose between the following colours of elastic: Blue/Green (the base of dark blue, with thin green stripes at the side), Green/Blue (the base of green, with thin dark blue stripes at the side), Pale Pink (pink with one thin stripe of pale blue each side), Black.


  •  1 inch wide
  •  Heavy duty elastic 
  •  Lightweight
  •  Vegetable tanned Bridle Leather, 3.5 - 4mm thick
  •  Solid Brass or Nickel plate buckle 
  •  Handmade in England


Stretchy Belt (Adults)

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