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This training dog lead is handmade with best quality English bridle leather and two solid brass or nickel plated trigger clips plus three dee rings.

It is a favourite for those engaged in dog training and agility. This lead can be used in three different lengths, simply alter the second clip. It can also be used to walk two dogs. Very conveniently you can wear it around your waist or off shoulder, making it handsfree too. Can be used as a tether when you are out and about. Made with quality materials to last. 


Choose between two widths. 


  •  5/8" or 3/4" width
  •  Approximately 5ft long
  •  Vegetable tanned English bridle leather, 3.5 - 4mm thick
  •  Solid Brass or Nickel plated trigger clip and dee rings
  •  Handmade in England




Training Dog Lead

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