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The Yorkshire Country Belt is a multi purpose accessory, useful in many ways and very stylish. Handmade with the finest English Bridle leather and top quality brass fittings. Some uses:


BELT - A stylish, fully adjustable belt.
LEAD - Clip round your waist or shoulder for a handy easy to carry lead.
NECK STRAP - To go around the horses neck for your extra security.
BROKEN REIN - If you are riding your horse and the rein breaks this can temporariily act as a rein. Clip to the bit on the bridle and either use hand loop or knot to other rein.
BROKEN STIRRUP LEATHER - If you are riding your horse and the stirrup leather breaks this can temporarily act as a stirrup leather. Run keeper and 'D' down to buckle, pass clip through stirrup iron arch and clip ‘D’ . Slide top loop over stirrup bar on saddle. 
  •  One size to fit all adults (28" - 46")
  •  5/8 inch or 3/4 inch wide
  •  Vegetable tanned Bridle Leather, 3.5 - 4mm thick
  •  Solid Brass or Nickel plated - bridle clip, buckle and dee
  •  Handmade In England


Yorkshire Country Belt

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